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How do I apply?

The SCSA will consider applications from international schools, or third parties acting on behalf of schools, to license the delivery of its curriculum programs overseas.

The SCSA will evaluate applications using information supplied by prospective schools or third parties through its online application process. This evaluation process includes understanding:

  • the curriculum programs and/or courses that a school wishes to deliver
  • the resources available to deliver the nominated program
  • the school’s approach to planning to assist students meet desired education outcomes
  • students' educational backgrounds.

This information, captured by the two-stage online application process, is used to assist the SCSA in determining whether a school will be approved, and levels of support required for approved schools. The application process also includes a visit to the school to validate the information submitted.

All applications to deliver SCSA curriculum programs are considered by the SCSA's Board for approval. If approved, the SCSA will provide the school with a licence to use and deliver its curriculum program and a contract is established that sets out the arrangements between the SCSA, the school and third parties (where applicable).

Schools that are approved to deliver the SCSA's curriculum programs will receive induction training and other guidance to support teaching and assessment.

Please click the button below to commence the online application. It is recommended that schools or third parties contact the SCSA before commencing the online application. A member of the SCSA International Education team will be in contact with you to discuss pricing when you submit Stage one of the two-stage application.

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