How we support schools

The SCSA works with approved international schools to deliver the Western Australian curriculum programs. The SCSA provides schools with access to syllabuses, support materials, annotated work samples, comprehensive data and support. It also provides and administers external examinations that measure student achievement. Schools will receive comprehensive feedback and specialist advice on their teaching and learning programs, assessment and student achievement based on the Western Australian standard. The SCSA has clearly established policies and procedures, including reviews, visits and data analysis to support schools.

Schools will receive induction training, ongoing professional learning opportunities and other guidance to support them to deliver the approved curriculum programs. The SCSA will assign experienced curriculum professionals to work with approved international schools.

To assist our international schools deliver our curriculum programs, the SCSA provides a number of services, which include:

Engaging with schools to ensure their documentation meets the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline (the Outline), WACE or AUSMAT requirements and providing advice on how schools can achieve full compliance.

Making available detailed grade descriptions based on observable behaviours. The grade descriptions are illustrated by a wide range of annotated student samples (written and audiovisual), which are accessible to teachers in a secure online environment. These support materials help teachers provide detailed and quality feedback on student progress, and assist planning.

Providing opportunities for teachers to explore, analyse and plan their teaching, learning, assessment and reporting practices. In doing so, they are able to embed the principles of teaching, learning and assessment set out in the Western Australian curriculum.

We also provide professional learning for teachers in a variety of other areas, including classroom pedagogy, statistical analysis of student results, improving student performance and professional growth. You will need an extranet account to access this information. If you do not already have an account please contact the SCSA at

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Statistical reporting and data analysis to assist schools with reviewing their approach to teaching and assessment, and develop targeted strategies to improve student performance.

Providing access to forums to allow teachers and schools an opportunity to reflect on their teaching practices and address areas for improvement in students' results and their approach to sitting examinations.

Providing opportunities for teachers to share examples of students' portfolios to investigate and discuss student achievement (marks and grades) in relation to published marking keys, judging standards materials, and grade descriptions for all learning areas.

What do we offer?

The following diagram summarises how we support schools.